Giuliano Mattioli, Curriculum

Giuliano Marco Mattioli, born in 1980, began playing the harp when he was eighteen years old, quite late compared to the average, but he graduated with full marks at the Music Conservatory in Parma under the guide of Emanuela Degli Esposti in 2005, after only 7 years. Two years later he completed the Master Degree in Harp Performance with 110 cum laude. He is currently undertaking a second Master Degree with Mara Galassi in Baroque Music at "Scuola Civica di Musica Claudio Abbado" in Milano, focusing on the styles and repertoire suited for his Gothic Erard harp.
He attended several master-classes with well–reknowned musicians such as Judith Liber, Ieuan Jones, David Watkins, Kumiko Inoue, Skaila Kanga, Alice Giles and Isabelle Perrin.
Throughout his career he has been awarded first prize at many national competitions: 9th edition "Riviera Della Versilia" in Pietrasanta (Rimini), "Rotonda di S. Biagio" in Monza (Milan), "Arcangelo Corelli" in Riccione, 3rd edition "Carpineti in musica" in Reggio Emilia. He was a prizewinner at 10th edition "Giovani Arpisti" in Padua, "Brahms Competition". He also participated at the 16th edition of the prestigious "International Harp Contest in Israel" placing himself among the first 16 contestants.

Since 2005 Giuliano has been focusing on teaching harp; his students' age has a range from 5 up to 70 years old, proving that it is possible to learn how to play an instrument at any age. At the moment he is appointed Harp Teacher at "Scuola di Musica di Villa Guardia" in Como and at "MUSICAPERTA" in Milano.
He gave many Recitals for harp in Italy such as: Milan "Villa Reale – GAM", "Sala del Grechetto – Biblioteca Sormani", "Teatro Leonardo", "Teatro Ariberto" "Villa Reale of Monza"; Parma "Casa della Musica", "Piccolo Teatro Ottocentesco", Como "Villa Camozzi" and "Villa Olmo". He has also been invited to perform in various international music festivals such as "Harpae 2011 and 2014" in Isolabona (IM), "Arpa viaggianese 2011" in Viaggiano (PZ), "Armonie fra Musica e Architettura 2011" in Reggio Emilia, "Note per Lucia 2012 and 2014" in Siracusa, "Notte bianca" and "Festa di Primavera" in Milano. Giuliano has been appointed resident artist at "MostraMercato" in Bienno (BS). He also appeared in many concerts throughout France in the Valley of the DrĂ´me where he included classic repertoire for harp and harp and voice plus various arrangements made by him in many festivals including "Festival des Arts et Vignes", "La Nuit aux Torches", "La Nuit Lyrique" in Chatillon–en–Dios.

Giuliano Mattioli, Arpa e Voce

Alongside his solo career he has proved himself an orchestral harpist of extremely good quality, working with very important orchestras such as "Orchestra Sinfonica di Lecco", "Sinfolario", "La Verdi", "Camerata dei laghi", "Orchestra 1813 – Teatro Sociale of Como", "I Pomeriggi musicali" and "Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana". He also performed Mozart's harp and flute concerto with "Orchestra Guido D'Arezzo" and Debussy's Danses pour harpe with "Ensemble Hornpipe".
Giuliano started receiving singing instructions in 1996 from the jazz singer Cristina Benefico. Opera training followed with Arturo Testa and Annamaria Castiglioni at the Accademia di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale "Città di Castellanza". He pursued his pop music technique further more under the guide of Andrea Tosoni in Milan, recording one song for the CD included in Tosoni's method "Manuale di canto".
In 2005 he recorded his first album "Harp... and Voice", which contains his arrangements of pop songs, sung and played by himself, along with the foremost original harp repertoire such as C. P. E. Bach's Sonata and Tournier's Sonatine Op.30. After 4 years he produced another album with the title "Harpa Lyrica", a live concert based on italian repertoire of Romanze and Arias by Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti and Tosti, sung and played by Giuliano, and harp solos composed on italian motifs.