Giuliano Mattioli

The harp repertoire is very versatile. It suits perfectly any occasion, being it a religious or a civil wedding, a special dinner or an aperitif as well as Openings or as background music in a restaurant or in an hotel hall.

The service provided by Giuliano Mattioli is available throughout north Italy, being based in Milano: equipped with its own instrument and a suitable car, Giuliano performs a wide repertoire and provides a unique service. If needed it is possible to amplify the sound of the harp by renting an audio service, which will be taken care of by the musician.

It is generally advisable to let the musician get to the place in the agreed location with at least an hour before the event starts in order to move the instrument out of the car, place it in the selected location and tune the harp.
It is possible to demand a specific dress code in accordance to the event.

It is possible to have different combinations with the harp and other instruments. From the well–known duo harp and violin, cello, or flute to a harp ensemble, Giuliano Mattioli already plays with othe extremely qualified musicians to give your event the best music ever. It's important to know that almost all the pieces on this site can be played by this ensembles.

At the CONTACT page it is possible to get more information regarding musical and logistical aspects as well as a free estimate.